Liudviko Rėzos Kultūros centras

open from 2007



Martin Ludwig Reza

1776- 1840

In 2006, when the Center was opened, we first of all directed our activities to our fellow countryman Martin Ludwig Reza, the exceptional personality of the European culture, theologian and philosopher, linguist, polyglot, writer and translator, publisher and philanthropist, pastor and vice-rector of the university. The work of the honoured man of the Lithuanian language and culture, who had disclosed the Lithuanian culture to Germany, Europe and the world, still inspires us. In 2008, the Ludwig Reza award was instituted in the field of culture and arts to be presented for active and creative activities, which are significant for the Curonian Spit and contribute to the preservation of ethnic culture and cultural heritage. The award is presented in our Center.

Historical exposition

Historical exposition of the Culture Center is a certain journey to Juodkrantė (Schwarzort in German) of the end of XIX – early XX century, which is a well-known European resort. The exhibition presents unique images of the world of the Curonian Spit of that time, photographs representing the atmosphere of the settlement of the interwar period, which were donated by E. Kluwe, who was born here, as well as the personality and works of Martin Ludwig Reza.


Ensemble “Aušrinė”

“Aušrinė” (“Morning Star”) ethnographic ensemble (directed by R. Pečiukonytė) refreshes the old ethnic culture, spreads the heritage of ethnic culture of Lithuania Minor, attractively presents the treasures of ever relevant and fresh source of folk art, and focuses on folklore activities of M.L. Reza.

Ensemble “Neringa”
“Neringa” vocal female ensemble (directed by R. Rušinskienė), awarded the “Gold Bird” nomination Best New Artist, contest and reaps laurels at numerous vocal contests, performs classical and contemporary music.

Ensemble “Kuršininkai”
“Kuršininkai” folk music group (directed by D. Tregub) is a reflection of everyday life of Juodkrantė‘s community, which always accompanies a variety of celebrations, festivals and events. Folk music pleases the audience and creates the summer moods during the May festivities.

Concert hall

The 200-seats concert hall is a cosy space, which hosts a variety of festivals and events.

Exhibition hall
Fine arts and music are predominating in the exhibition hall.


Outdoor amphitheatre                                                                                                   
In the summer season, the covered outdoor summer amphitheatre for 600 seats hosts international, national and the community festivals and concerts.

Traditional events

Artwork and folk traditions of the ethnographic region of Lithuania Minor, performances by Lithuanian and foreign bands, the fair and other attractions are enjoyed by all those who come to “Pūsk, Vėjuži!” (“Blow, the Wind!”) folk festival organised by the Ludwig Reza Culture Center in late August. It is a place where you will truly have something to occupy your eyes, ears, voice, hands and feet with…

juodkrantė resort days

The Juodkrantė Resort Days, which are traditionally held in the first half of July, are meant to revive the atmosphere of the old luxury resort of Juodkrantė (Schwarzort) and the traditions of intellectual summer leisure, and to underscore that Juodkrantė is a resort with a top-notch healing climate. During the Resort Days, the sound of gongs invites you to take in the enchanting sunsets, poetry evenings fill the Villa Quarter with verse, and performances by street artists and intimate concerts entice you to take a stroll along the “Arts Promenade”.



Tuesday to Saturday – 10.00 to 18.00.
Summer season: Tuesday to Sunday – 10.00 to 18.00.

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Adults 1.00 €
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